1 October 2014

Nevermore by Frapin

WHAT Tried & Tested and Approved: Nevermore by Frapin
WHEN  1st October 2014
WHERE  Online

 Nevermore by Frapin is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women and men. The Fragrance is a dark romantic rose, inspired by The Raven a poem by Edgar Allan Poe.  The Raven is narrated by a figure who calls for his lost love, only to be taunted by a solitary raven that haunts him retorting 'Nevermore'. 
First impression on paper: its green, foggy and a bit musty like a cellar, but its good, like all the Frapin scents. The story behind it? Well, The perfume’s concept also refers the enigmatic Poe Toaster who in 1949 began visiting the poet's grave on the anniversary of his birthday.  In what became a yearly ritual, the figure would raise a toast of cognac, leave the bottle on Poe's grave along with some roses, only to disappear wordlessly. 

I had the privilege to pick the brains behind the creator of Nevermore and was so kind to do a small Q&A with me.

 1. What sort of man would you imagine to wear Nevermore?
A man or a woman, even though I wanted to create a Rose for a man, it was more in my head a way to work on a modern rose, a new way to explore this beautiful flower. Our fist NEVERMORE lovers are confident, they love long lasting fragrance with a trail a bit mysterious.

2. How are the Frapin family involved with the inspiration and story behind the fragrances?
The Frapin familly is very involved in the project since day one. First Cognac brand ever to create fragrances, they are involved on the stories but on the quality of the ingredients and the value we are sharing of Quality, Elegance,Creativity.

3. What are some of your favourites notes in fragrance?
Deep, Voluptus, Animalic.

4. How long did it take you to develop Nevermore?
9 months but I had this story in my mind for 7 years.

Frapin Nevermore is available now at Bloom perfume for 100 ml Eau de Parfum. 


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