10 November 2014

Usine des Fous

WHAT Usine des Fous
WHEN  10th November 2014
WHERE  Online

Check out the new collection of bow ties from Usine des Fous. Bespoke Usine des Fous’s love and overall philosophy is based around the uniqueness of its creations. Made from unused products/raw materials, and available in limited editions, you will never experience having two identical pieces.

Bow ties, nowadays, are not as frequently worn as neckties. But despite their lack of visibility in most events, bow ties are still considered a men's fashion statement at formal events, specifically black tie events. It is actually the most formal piece in a man's wardrobe.

 "People wear bow ties to make a statement" 

Photo © Sergio Andretti

1 comment:

  1. I want them so bad! Thanks for the recommendation.


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