16 March 2015

Sade English: Anticlone Exhibition

WHAT Sade English: Anticlone Exhibition 
WHEN  20-22th March 2015 
WHERE  Online

I'm so excited to annouce Sade English my little sister will be showcasing the Anticlone Exhibition at the 5th Base Gallery. 

I was externally honoured to be photographed for her exhibition which showcases talented influential individuals representing different sides of her collection.

Sade English’s unique outlook on womenswear makes it possible to see how she gains inspiration from four vital factors to her limited pieces and what would keep the industry and public excited for her future collections.
Architectural futuristic outlook on design and garment constructivism, in a combination with historic art and dark gothic elements within her pieces, end up creating her signature style.

Sade English is to be a sensation within the fashion industry because of her phenomenal mixture of past and future elements. Japanese armour alongside the surrealistic, reminiscing the trompe-loeil technique elements gives the pieces the unexpected alien and futuristic look.

“ A person or thing regarded as an exact copy of another “- Clone definition : Oxford Dictionary

Anticlone a movement and concept behind SADE ENGLISH Individually making a stand against the oppression of a conformed society through her work.

Sade English has entered the arts industry firstly specialising in fashion design; specifically her outcome is to assemble the inner and outer self of the wearer as one with the garments she creates.

Whilst developing her creative direction skills, March 2015 will open the doors to her first public exhibition. The exhibition will allow you to have an insight into the meaning behind the term Anticlone.

Explicitly with five subjects; film, photography, design, alongside ten other individuals that embody Anticloneism.

Images below individuals selected to be part of the sequence titled Anticloneism Identities.

Each individual was specifically selected for their overall appreciation for individualism; they each annihilate the stale, static and stubborn stereotypes of human beings in our western society today. Sades aspiration is to build awareness on individual expression rather than suppression on the ability to evolve without being moulded to comply as a clone.


Benjamin Milan – Vogue Dancer and choreographer for FKA Twigs, Kylie Minogue and more Imma Mess – Performance Artist at The Box London

Veronika Vesper – Space Pop Singer song writer
Sebastian Bartz – Music producer, Singer Performer

Prince Cassius – TV Presenter, most recent work E Online presenter 
Shaun Bass – Graphic designer, previous work Long clothing

Bonnie Lovely – Artist, part owner of Lovely Gallery
Michael Moonchild – Vogue Dancer previous work Thriller Musical
Moniasse LoLo – Scarification Model previous work filmed by Nick Knight Max Shakleton – Serpentine Gallery Assistant

From Vogue Dancer to Art painter each being extremely different yet united. All supporting the concept to not conform to suit society.
Refusing to dictate to others, all her garments are sex-less, her undefined unisex pieces are seen photographed with each individual in the Photography sequence titled ‘Anticloneism Identities’.
Sade’s aspiration is to build awareness on individual expression rather than suppression on the ability to evolve without being moulded to comply as a clone.

Individual expression is no longer used as a tool used to help shape our society as it evolves. It is frequently misrepresented by those who lack the understanding of the cultural environments in which their proposed overall ‘image originated. Which leaves us with the question. Should our beliefs on society go in hand with the way we live our lives, rather than continue to continuously comply and follow like a heard of sheep? – Sade English
A sequence of film chapters has been directed by Sade English in order to explain her thoughts on society as well as a short insight into what’s inspired her creations whilst further informing others on the definition of the Anticlone Movement.

We invite you to participate in her first public viewing that will display new pieces of work alongside variations of different visuals. Creative directing, designing, pattern cutting, manufacturing, film directing and now with her first exhibition English continues to control of all aspects of her work.
Un-identifying herself with the term Fashion Designer, though clothing has always been her first go to for expression, awareness on the brand has been down to Sade herself, successfully being able to create wearable art that she herself creates whilst embodying the brand identity. Experimenting with different mediums from; paint, design and film direction are few, of a long list of sources of expression for the individual. Sade English as an individual and brand breaks conventional expectations in the fashion realm. Reinforcing she is not doing so through Clothing, but through art itself.

The Opening Night starts from 17:00pm - 21:00pm.
Each individual will be briefed on arrival at the exhibition however for any specific time slots to speak directly with Ms English please send a direct email and request to press email.
ANTICLONE Issue 1 will be available by request directly to press@sade-english.com.

TITLE: Anticlone Exhibition

ADDRESS: 5th Base Gallery, 23 Henage Street, London, Bricklane, E1 5LJ
TELEPHONE: 07719303518
WEBSITE: www.sade-english.com
DATES: 20th-22nd March 2015
OPENING HOURS: Friday 20th March 17:00-21:00pm and 21st - 22nd March 10:00am -20:00pm ADMISSION: Free
CREDITS: Photography by Josh Faux and Lisa Carletta, Film By Josh Faux & Xiao Wei-Lu TRANSPORT: Liverpool Street Station, Whitechapel Station

For press information and images, please contact PR Assistant Ebere Anosike at SADE ENGLISH EMAIL.: press@sade-english.com

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