10 June 2016

Hosting #TheShow for #TheKrag

WHAT Hosting #TheShow for #TheKrag
WHEN  10th June 2016 
WHERE  Online

I'm excited to announce that I shall be Hosting #TheShow for #TheKrag on Monday 13th June at The Cuckoo Club. I have shared with you before how I love this brand and to be able to host the LC:M presentation is an honour. Request invitation via email: Bookprincecassius@gmail.com

#TheShow of #TheKrag to support brotherhood
When Thomas Knights picks up his camera and calls up his ginger army we all know there is something remarkable about to happen. If you missed the last season’s #TheLawOfTheRed campaign we have great news for all the fashion lovers. Thomas Knights’ world famous Red Hot project and the London based fashion and lifestyle brand - #TheKrag - teamed up again.
After the massive success of their previous collaboration featured in the world’s top magazines, which has shown the Red Hot models (Ken Bek, Tommy Brady and Jake Hold) as relentless warriors facing the brutal reality of big cities in the modern world, Thomas and #TheKrag decided to now focus friendship and the masculine, unconditional bond between two brothers. The kind of relationship which is often so reserved, yet so invincible and deep.

We can now announce that the new campaign is called #TheBrothers. The inspiration came from the actual friendship between two of the Red Hot models – Gwilym Pugh, successful model and entrepreneur, and Tommy Brady, member of team GB for the 2012 Olympics. Both of them are the ambassadors of the new campaign. The new collection and campaign will be officially showcased at the #TheShow of #TheKrag hosted by Prince Cassius and sponsored by Sauvelle Vodka, on the 13th of June at The Cuckoo Club, London at 6:30pm on the last day of London Collections Men. And there is much more behind it than just a fashion collection. Since the campaign embraces support and brotherhood love, the founders of #TheKrag - Frederick Szydlowski and Magdalena Dudarska - agreed to donate a big part of the profits to anti-bullying charities supported by Red Hot. Music will be looked after by Laura Hayden, the vocalist of Anteros.

However, before we say the final goodbye to #TheLawOfTheRed campaign, the Red Hot project and #TheKrag have prepared something special. Besides, the new collection presentation, the event will be the official premiere of #TheMovie of #TheKrag, which has been produced by Oliver Morris London and directed by Thomas Knights and Frederick Szydlowski, starring the cover models of the 2016 Red Hot Calendars – Ken Bek and Grace Gray. 

Sponsored by Sauvelle Vodka

#TheBrothers campaign team:

Models: Gwilym Pugh (AMCK) and Tommy Brady
Ollie Lister and Theo Laurencon

Photographer: Thomas Knights
Assistant: Jamie
Designers: Magdalena Dudarska & Frederick Szydlowski (#TheKrag)

Shoes: FINSK London

Hair and make up: Alexa Riva Ravina
Assistant: Ella Burton

Stylist: Alexa Riva Ravina and Magdalena Dudarska

Backstage coverage: Matt Kelly

Location: Oliver Morris London Studio

#TheMovie of #TheKrag team:

Creative Directors: Oliver Morris, Frederick Szydlowski, Thomas Knights

Designers: Magdalena Dudarska and Frederick Szydlowski (#TheKrag)
Actors: Ken Bek (Red Hot), Grace Gray (Red Hot), Jake Semmens
Barman 1: Bartosz Jakowiec (The World's End Market)
Barman 2: Piotr Jarosz (The World's End Market)
Location: Rum Kitchen, Notting Hill
Car: courtesy of David Lorenz
Cameramen: Oliver Morris & Charlie Riccardo J
Stylist: Nicoletta Unito using designers dress Michaela franvoka
Hair stylist: Stephen Hamilton using Diva Professional Styling
MUA: Caterina Mannarino
Music: ARROWS – EKTO1, IceKream – Unknown, Download My Heart by Creative Arts Management

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